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Hey guys! I know some of you may have read my blog posts before, and I have introduced myself here, but this will be the first time I've put my picture out there. I'm not really big on "selfies" or any kind of picture of myself, for that matter. So, it's a big deal for me to post this. But, I really feel it can be hard to connect with someone that you can't see. So here we go! Hello, world! ;)

I have to admit, I'm having heartburn at the thought of hitting "publish" on this post. Haha! I don't like putting myself out there. I don't know if every author says this, but I don't want fame. Not in the sense where people I pass on the street "know" me, or I can't go to the beach with my son without people watching me. Fame is of no interest to me. Do I want to write great books and have people read them and love them? Yes! Would I love to see my book in the hands of happy readers, billboards, newsstands, movies, or TV? Heck yes! Do I want to be on TV, have my picture in magazines or on newsstands, and have everyone know who I am? Nope. I just want to get lost in the stories that I write, create amazing books that others get lost, and make enough money to put food on the table and keep a roof over my son's head. That's it.

I had a little bit of a freakout tonight, to be honest, and I needed to vent! So, I decided, why not put it in a blog! My mom texted me earlier today while I was at work and told me she was reading my latest book, Trafficking Innocence. She asked if I was aware it had a typo ON THE FIRST PAGE! My heart fell! I know these things happen, and as a reader myself, I've read plenty of books by known authors as well, with typos and misspelled words. But to have gone over my own work so many times and spent good hard earned money on an editor, and then to have my mom find a misspelled work on the FIRST PAGE was a pretty hard blow for me. After work, I rushed home to correct the spelling error and upload the new manuscript to Amazon. It's now "pending approval," but I seriously feel sick to my stomach at how the people who already bought my book had a glaring error on the first page. If you (whoever's reading this), was one of them, I am so very sorry! I thank you for purchasing, and I hope you enjoyed it!

I think that's about all she wrote tonight. My heart still hurts with the error, and I have to go lick my wounds. Haha! But seriously, thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to read this! Have a wonderful night!


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