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Bad Experience

Aloha and Happy Saturday!

I really needed a chat group or online meeting place that I could go and talk things over or rant to like-minded people today! I had an unfortunate experience on Instagram, and since I don't have the chat group support yet, I thought I'd blog about it! ;)

A few days ago, in the #bookstagram community that I'm involved in, a lady posted, asking for help to boost her "likes" on her last 2 posts. She said she'd reciprocate with likes to whoever liked her last two posts. So, I thought I'd help out a fellow #blogger #bookstagramer, and I went to her posts and liked them. It's been a few days, and one of her pics came up in my feed this morning. Remembering her call for help and agreeance to reciprocate, I went back in my posts to see if she followed through. She had not.

I was torn between letting it go or asking her why. Ugh! I've never been very good at know when to talk and when not to! Sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble!

Well, I decided to ask her if it was a mistake, maybe she missed my likes or whatever. She responds by going to my page and liking my last few posts, then telling me NOT to like her posts the next time I see a shoutout for help!! I was floored! Instead of just asking me to privately remind her or saying, "whoops, sorry, it was a simple mistake," she lashed out with a snarky comment! Why? Just why is that necessary?

Instead of waiting for the "right" group to form, that I can go to and talk things over with like-minded individuals... I decided to start the group myself! So, I created a shout-out post and asked if anyone would like to form an online chat group. I put it out there in the #universe, here's hoping it reaches the right people, and we can help each other navigate these tricky Instagram waters!

That's about all I have today! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. As always, have a wonderful day!



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