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Who would’ve thought that beneath the lush landscapes and beautiful backdrops of Hawaii, there could lie such danger?

Taylor, a single mom, faces the daily struggle of balancing responsibilities and providing for her son, Jax, all on her own. Little did she know, her world would shatter in an instant when she witnesses her own son being kidnapped.

Faced with the terrifying sight of her 12-year-old child being forced into a van, Taylor's instincts kick in, propelling her into the relentless pursuit to get him back.

Along the way, she meets a devilishly handsome man, but there's just something about him she can't put a finger on. Can she put her trust, and the wellbeing of her son, in the hands of a man she just met?

Can they stay one step ahead of the dangerous men after them?

What did Jax see?
Why are these men after them?

Taylor will do anything to keep her son safe.

Trafficking Innocence

  • You'll be given a download link after purchase. The easiest way to download and listen is from your computer. If you want it on your phone or device, download it to your computer first, unzip the file, and then transfer it to the desired device.

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