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How far would you go for someone you loved?

Claire and her brother Jake have always been close. But after a devastating accident, Jake went through a downward spiral, losing all touch with reality and his family.

Claire's found family and small-town bakery have become her sanctuary, but unfortunately, Jake's circumstances have taken a turn for the worse. He's finally hit rock bottom, with a looming 15-year prison sentence. And Claire finds herself in a desperate battle to save the brother she loves.

Drew Roberts, a determined FBI agent, is on a mission to dismantle a deeply corrupt prison system. Will he be able to help Claire protect Jake, or will his involvement put her in the path of even greater danger?

She will fight the judicial system. The prison system. And even drug lords.

Claire will do whatever it takes to save Jake… even from himself.

But will it cost her everything?

The Dark Side of Paradise

  • You'll be given a download link after purchase. The easiest way to download and listen is from your computer. If you want it on your phone or device, download it to your computer first, unzip the file, and then transfer it to the desired device.

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