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My Hawaiian Mafia Romance duet series opener will be available in paperback and bookbox form TOGETHER!!

What you'll receive:

Signed paperbacks of Mahina and Zeb
1 Mahina/Zeb official Tattoo (temporary)
1 magnet
2 tattoo STICKERS
1 bookbox and an assortment of other stickers


Two families – One follows the letter of the law, and the other… doesn’t. But somehow, they’ve made it work. Neighbors and friends. Bound by past generations of honor, trust, and even love.

Mahina: Book One
Releasing April 2nd

Zeb: Book Two
Releasing May 7th (soft)

Pre-order one or both books now:

These are NOT standalones.. Book One ends on a cliffhanger. For best reading experience must read in order.

Hawaiian Mafia Romance series box

  • For a limited amount of time, get $10 off!

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