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Holly gave up her heart once before, to only be left devastated and abandoned. Now a single mother, her daughter is the most important person in her life. But she's often wondered if love will ever come her way.

Alex is the boy next door, full of life and fun. He loves his family and friends and is willing to do anything for them. Content in his life, until one day, his eyes clash with Holly's across a volleyball court. Drawn to her like a magnet, he immediately knew his life would never be the same.

Unfortunately, even in the beautiful town of Hanalei, Hawaii, times aren't always smooth sailing. Just when everything settles down, and they think it's finally their time, Alex devastates Holly by walking away.

Is there more to it than anyone knows? Has he been protecting Holly all along? Can these two love birds find their way back to each other? Or will everything go up in smoke?

Forever In Hanalei

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